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Studio services include: Tracking, Overdubs, Mixing, and CD Mastering.

Now offering location recording and live sound services in the Philadelphia area.

         Shimamoto Sound is a creative audio environment that seeks to bring the most out of an artist's music. Our staff is committed to working hard to make things right so our clients don't have to worry about the technical aspects of music. We offer top quality analog and digital audio technology for all types of music and have the experience to make the most out of these tools. We pride ourselves on being able to being able to offer our clients good deals because of our many years of experience and strong work ethic. Our projects are always done on time using efficient, time effective methods.         Contact Shimamoto Sound to see what we can do for you today. We're happy to answer all of the questions you may have about the recording process or the music business in general. We strive to help artists of all experience levels get the most out of their careers. Shimamoto Sound offers a variety of solutions for recording artists so that we are able to be a one stop answer for every aspect of a music career. Our experience and expertise in the music business has been proven it can take a music career to the next level.        

Garry seemed very interested in the Neumann D, because of its impressive possibilities. This digital microphone may be the father of an entirely new microphone technology. Itís already been the cause for a new AES specification, AES 42. Think of a mic that IS the converter, and already contains software functions such as compression and eq.... Besides, it is heavily reliant on software, and Garry writes code, so it appears to me to be an obvious match. I wasnít quite as excited by the sound of the Solution D as some others were, but I figure that it is a new product showing limited portions of itís many facets, and may be better auditioned in a different circumstance. I liked the 127, too. It sounded very nice to me and offers more options to the recordist on a limited budget than was previously available under the Neumann label. A panel discussion followed the presentations. The panel was moderated by Bil VornDick, and consisted of Chuck Ainlay, Pat McMakin, Justin Niebank, Michael Wagener, and Gary Baldassari. Each of these panalists owns or runs a production company. I canít count the Grammys... VornDick has seven of his own and has racked up 41 nominations... but the client lists include Ozzy Osborne, Chet Atkins, Alice Cooper, Johnny Winter, Albert Collins, Nsync, Eminem, Peter Frampton, Reba McEntire.... I think that it is safe to say that these are men of experience. In spite of the level of talent on the dias, we chose to skip the panel discussion. We had been traveling all day, and had gone straight from the airport to Ocean Way, and we felt the need to check into our hotel and at least unpack before treking off to the Gibson Custom Shop for a press conference. The problem with conferences like NAMM is that so many of the attractive events overlap. The Pro Sound News event was scheduled to run until six, while the Gibson event started at four. So we stayed a little longer at Ocean Way, and showed up a little late at Gibson. In retrospect I might have been better served to have listened to the panel discussion, but I was pooped, and after all, I am a guitar junkie. Garry: We continued our adventure at the Gibson Custom Shop, a fairly non-descript building in an industrial park a short cab ride from downtown. It turns out the event is more of a party for Gibson dealers that are in town with a short press conference in the middle. The big news was that Chevy had teamed up with Gibson on a guitar/car combo. Chevy is making 25 custom SSR cars, each with a particular theme in mind. The first couple hours had various flavors of blues bands cranking in the parking lot while Gibson dealers and friends hung out and drank. The front parking lot featured a monster truck, some new and old Corvettes, Line 6 demo kiosks, and the Gibson traveling guitar trailer. You could even get your picture on the cover of Rolling Stone. Need a break from the sun? Wander inside the Custom Shop and check out wall after wall of wonderful guitars.

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