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Studio services include: Tracking, Overdubs, Mixing, and CD Mastering.

Now offering location recording and live sound services in the Philadelphia area.

         Shimamoto Sound is a creative audio environment that seeks to bring the most out of an artist's music. Our staff is committed to working hard to make things right so our clients don't have to worry about the technical aspects of music. We offer top quality analog and digital audio technology for all types of music and have the experience to make the most out of these tools. We pride ourselves on being able to being able to offer our clients good deals because of our many years of experience and strong work ethic. Our projects are always done on time using efficient, time effective methods.         Contact Shimamoto Sound to see what we can do for you today. We're happy to answer all of the questions you may have about the recording process or the music business in general. We strive to help artists of all experience levels get the most out of their careers. Shimamoto Sound offers a variety of solutions for recording artists so that we are able to be a one stop answer for every aspect of a music career. Our experience and expertise in the music business has been proven it can take a music career to the next level.        

Following the pre-production roughs of the song, the drums were the first instrument to be tracked on this song. And we went nuts. To echo the aggressiveness of the song, we decided to go for the trashiest sound we possibly could…while still keeping it musical. First of all, our studio here is completely digital. And I am a huge fan of drums on analog tape. So we went to a small hole-in-the-wall studio where they have a 2” 16-track tape deck and a nice sounding drum room with very tall ceilings. And an engineer who knows how to get some good tones to tape. We knew we wanted a very loud and ugly drum sound. But instead of relying on mixing wizardry after the fact, we went to work doctoring up the sparkly green Fibes drum kit so the original source would be very close to what we wanted. On the kick drum we wanted a strong, sharp attack so the drummer (Scott Metko) taped two quarters to his batter head right at the point of impact. An AKG D112 was then placed inside the kick about 2” from the point of impact. For the snare we wanted a crashing, noisy tone on the verses and a little tighter more controlled sound on the choruses. Scott came up with the crazy idea of putting 1,500 brass BBs inside the snare drum. We gave it a shot and it sounded perfect…just what we were looking for! We mic’ed it on top with a standard SM57. And on the bottom head we put an old Japanese crystal mic of unknown origin. You wouldn’t believe how noisy it was when you solo’d just the bottom snare mic. It was the embodiment of the word “trashy”! You can really hear the BB’s rattling around on the decay of the last hit of the song. Digging around in the basement of the studio we came across a couple big metal discs which we realized must have been the plates of an old turntable. Scott took off his top hi-hat cymbal and replaced it with one of these plates. The other metal plate was hung piggyback on his 20” Wuhan China Cymbal.

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