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Studio services include: Tracking, Overdubs, Mixing, and CD Mastering.

Now offering location recording and live sound services in the Philadelphia area.

       How did you first get into music in general and then a skill or a love of recording? Elvrum:Well, I grew up in this town called Anacortes - it's a few hours north on this island. In high school I was pretty swept away by the grunge movement and I hold that deep in my heart. I've actually been rediscovering grunge lately, but during high school there were these bands in Anacortes that were not famous, but similar to Nirvana. I got this sense that people in my town could play music in the same arena as MC Hammer. It just made sense that kids my age would play in a band with me after school. We went to Seattle and recorded at Egg Studios for $600. It was an amazing experience, because it was so foreign - what all that equipment was. I was just the drummer, so I didn't say anything. The guy just knew what he was doing. 'Wait - to mix you have to unplug all of those things and then plug them all in to there? What's going on? What's that weird tape? That tape isn't like a normal tape it's all small!' But later in high school I started working at this record store in Anacortes and a friend got a hold of this reel to reel 8-track, some Tascam home recording thing. I setup a makeshift studio in the back of this record store - I guess I played around with some four tracks before then - I just sort of figured it out. Through that figuring out, how to record, layering tracks, I also taught myself how to compose in that way. How to play simple parts on different instruments because I wasn't really skilled at any instruments, but through necessity, making up an accompaniment part to each thing. I developed it I guess. An acquaintance with a whole bunch of different instruments? Yeah. I mean the songs back then were so basic and simple. The guitar part might be super simple, because it was probably the only thing I knew how to play on the guitar at the time, but the fact that a song needed those parts made me learn those parts on many different instruments. Like I wanted a flute thing, and I didn't know how to play flute at all, but I knew three notes because they were the guitar line for that song. I really like discovering instruments through necessity. Not really knowing how to play it, but faking your way through it. So you worked with the 8-track in the record store and you joined D+ and you guys came up here soon after? Yeah. Pretty much the first time I came to Olympia was with D+ to record. But already in Anacortes, I was doing the Microphones, on that 8-track, doing all the instruments, collaborating with my friends and putting out tapes from a label up there.       

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         Shimamoto Sound is a creative audio environment that seeks to bring the most out of an artist's music. Our staff is committed to working hard to make things right so our clients don't have to worry about the technical aspects of music. We offer top quality analog and digital audio technology for all types of music and have the experience to make the most out of these tools. We pride ourselves on being able to being able to offer our clients good deals because of our many years of experience and strong work ethic. Our projects are always done on time using efficient, time effective methods.         Contact Shimamoto Sound to see what we can do for you today. We're happy to answer all of the questions you may have about the recording process or the music business in general. We strive to help artists of all experience levels get the most out of their careers. Shimamoto Sound offers a variety of solutions for recording artists so that we are able to be a one stop answer for every aspect of a music career. Our experience and expertise in the music business has been proven it can take a music career to the next level.        

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